Meltblown is microfibre obtained from the extrusion of various synthetic polymers through special spinning systems with high technological content. Its main characteristics are: softness, lightness, significant filtering and absorbent capabilities.

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Versatility and innovation

Meltblown stands out for its softness, lightness, chemical resistance, particular filtration capacity, absorbency and many other related properties. It is one of the most recent and innovative processes for the production of non-woven fabric.

Melt Blown 100% Italian

Our products are 100% Italian, obtained only from Italian or European raw materials.

Suitable for food use

Both the Polymers and the Process are free from polluting residues typical of spinning processes


An essential aspect if the material is used for sensitive applications such as the food industry or the production of medical devices.


Meltblown, as a filter material, is suitable for retaining particles and impurities, ensuring the purification of air or liquids.


Important to allow correct breathing, avoiding the accumulation of humidity and facilitating the diffusion of air.


Microfibers of variable diameter can be obtained, less than 1 μm as well as bigger than 10-15 μm, in weights from 15 to 100 g/m2.


Safe, certified and resistant materials

We produce products with Meltblown, ensuring safety, hygiene and superior quality for our customers.

Research and Development

Cutting-edge technology at the service of filtration and absorbency

Due to its unique characteristics, Meltblown is widely used in various industries, such as medical, automotive and industrial. It is a versatile and reliable nonwoven fabric for multiple applications. The most recent application frontiers also push towards acoustic and thermal insulation.

Polymers used

Polypropylene (PP)

Polyester (PET)

Polyamide (PA)

Polylactic acid (PLA)


Applicantion sectors


Production of face masks, filters for medical equipment and high protection medical nonwovens.


Material for body hygiene (disposable), diapers, wipes, etc.


Soundproofing material, cabin filters, etc.


Material for soundproofing and thermal insulation


Padding material


Material for padding of beds, sofas, armchairs, cushions, quilts, mattresses, etc.


Air filtration material, flat blood filters, personal protective equipment (PPE) up to class FFP3.

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